How to inflate a car tire in just 5 minutes

How to inflate a car tire

No need to worry about the puncture or flat tire problem. We will help to let you know how to inflate a car tire in just a few minutes.

You just need few items to fix the punctured or flat tire. Some car companies provide some items with the new car, you can find the items under the boot of your car.

  1. Spare Tire (Comes with the car, mostly placed under the luggage section in the boot)
  2. Hydraulic Car jack or Scissor Vehicle Jack
  3. Tire repair kit
  4. Tyre Air Pump for Car  

Follow the steps given below to know How to inflate a car tire in just a few minutes.

Step 1

Inspect the completely flat tire, you need to repair the tire if damaged by using the best tire repair kits. In the tire repair kits, you will get the following items.

  • Heavy-Duty T-Handle Insert tool
  • Heavy-Duty T-Handle spiral probe
  • One insert tool for needle replacement
  • Hex Keys
  • 30 Repair coeds/Strings
  • 1 Needle nose plier
  • 1 Knife
  • 1 Jar lubricant
  • 1 4-in-1 valve core tool
  • 4 Plastic valve caps
  • 4 Plastic tire valve extenders
  • 4 Chrome tire valve caps
  • 4 valve cores
  • 2 Replacement T handle set screws
  • 1 Storage case
  • 1 Small accessory storage case

Step 2

Remove if the steel nails/broken glasses or any other things stuck in the tires with help of pliers before repairing the harm.

After inspecting the car tire. Repair the harm to the damaged tire. You have to insert the tire repair kit’s heavy-duty T-handle spiral probe reamer into the punctured tread in the tire at a slight angle.

Tire Repair kit

Then straightened the reamer and push the tapered shaft in and out of the hole to expand and enlarge the punctured hole.

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Step 3

Prepare the heavy-duty steel T handle insertion tool by dipping the tip into the lubricant and insert the cord into the tip. You can use pliers to remove the repair cord from the plastic. Use pliers to pull the repair cord.

Tire Repair kit

Step 4

Insert the cord by using a heavy-duty steel T handle insertion tool and push gently into the tire. Keep the cord out about 1/2 inch and cut the extra cord with the knife. Don’t insert the full cord into the tire.

Connect the car air pump to the tire valve stem and start filling the tires by pumping compressed air into the tire by an air pump (air compressor). Check the tire’s air pressure with a tire gauge and inflate the car tire if necessary. Push the needle at the middle of the valve stem if you would like to let the air out.

That’s it, you learned how to repair the punctured car tire and how to inflate a car tire.

You can skip to the tire inflation steps if you do not want to repair the car tire. Follow these steps to replace a tire.

How to replace a tire?

  1. Lose the tire and wheel bolts with the ratchet.
  2. Insert the scissor jack handle into the hole of the handle socket.
  3. Make sure that the jack saddle is correctly positioned under your car.
  4. To prevent damage to the jack, do not move the scissor jack while the handle is intact in the socket.
  5. To raise the load, use one hand to hold the front part of the handle and use the other hand to turn at the rear and of the handle clockwise.
  6. The ratchet does not rotate until there is pressure on the scissor jack head (In the beginning you can rotate it with your hand).
  7. Then remove the car tire wheel carefully.
  8. Replace damaged car tire with your spare car tire.
  9. Tight the tire bolts.
  10. To lower load, use one hand to hold the front part of the handle and use the other hand to turn at the rear and of the handle counterclockwise slowly.
  11. Make sure all car tire bolts are tight.
how to replace a tire


You must have/buy tire repair kits, car tire pumps/compressors to save your precious time. In this article, you learned how to inflate a car tire in just 5 minutes. 

Happy and Safe Journey!

How to inflate a car tire?

AstroAI Air Compressor Tire Inflator Portable Air Pump

Inspect car tire.
If damaged, repair tire with tire repair kit.
Inflate the tire with air compressor or air pump.

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